Dirty Bathtub

### Reader’s letter to The Observer, 1st June 2024 ###

Dear Editor,

Today, here in Cologne and across Germany, there will be demonstrations, potentially with many thousands of participants, protesting against “the extreme right” (link below).

Indeed, the AfD are an ugly bunch and there are even crazier ones, such at the “Reichsbürger”, so it is certainly important to keep you eye on these groups. All correct!

But I can’t see how these demonstrations will help: They seem to me to be a sanctimonious “call to polarisation” … rather than to discussion and, most importantly, to solutions for our problems.

And, with several wars raging and escalation taking place (e.g. agreement that Western weapons can be used to attack Russian territory), our problems are reaching a critical state. So I think we have more important things to think about than this issue which should, at the end of the day, be solved at the ballot-box.

Yes, why not get our diplomats on the case to see if we can stop the mad slaughter and the inevitable return to cold (or hot?) war with dangerous “block confrontation”?

It’s like discovering that a.) your house is on fire and b.) your bathtub has ugly brown* scum around it. And then theatrically declaring that you need to clean your bath.

God help us!

Alan Mitcham

*: Brown is the colour linked to the Nazis

Link: https://www.ksta.de/koeln/koeln-kundgebung-von-arsch-huh-fuer-die-demokratie-am-1-juni-800753






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